JASINA COSMETICS PTE LTD had its beginnings in a small retail business in 1976. Since her inception, she has grown steadily over the years and is now one of the leading distributors of fragrances in Singapore. Her quest for excellence and assurance of competitive prices has significantly strengthened her position in the market.

JASINA has been reputed as a company which provides impeccable services to all her customers. She prides herself on prompt response and delivery, competitive prices, and excellent customer service. The staff are trained to ensure maximum exposure to brands so as to allow them to provide efficient assistance to the customers. The dedication of the sales staff coupled with the strategic planning of the management have contributed significantly to the progress of the company.

JASINA’s success as one of the leading companies in the perfume industry can be attributed to her wealth of experience, dependability, and more importantly, commitment to satisfy the needs of her customers.

JASINA has set up her main office at one of Singapore’s prime business parks in the Changi area. The marketing and distributing of products are planned and executed at the 10,000 sq ft office cum warehouse. The facility is equipped with a modern global networking system and is designed to accommodate future expansion.

In addition to the above facility, JASINA also runs a total of six exclusive retail outlets in the region. Three of the outlets are located in the shopping hubs of Singapore, while another three can be found in the shopping hubs of Jakarta.

As a distributor, JASINA has successfully penetrated many countries. She has a network of distributors and wholesalers throughout Asia, as well as Middle East, Australia, Europe and America.